Happy Hour
Tuesday @ 7:00PM
Diandra Kodl

Happy Hour is a show filled with fun music & hot topics. Make every hour a Happy Hour!

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Happy Hour

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Customs regarding rudeness around the world
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How to Survive the Holidays
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with Big Mike from S.I. a.k.a. Mikey Donuts
What Does the Future Hold?
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with Coach Jim Massaro
Sports Talk
Live with SMR
All About Italian Culture
S-E-X Part II
S-E-X Part I
Marriage Pros & Cons
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First Impressions
How to Be a Good Boss
Phobias & Fears
Expectations in Relationships
The Shyness Show
Revenge: Don't Get Mad, Get Even!
Feng Shui
with musical guest The Mellow Spaceships
Haunted Spaces with Anna Maria Kinberg
Relationship Talk with Dr. Debra Castaldo
New Year's Resolutions 2010
Battle of the Sexes
Factors that Affect Our Personalities
Health & Fitness Tips with Coach Jim Massaro
Business & Commerce
Toxic Bachelors
Halloween Show
Blind Dates
What a Guy Wants in a Girl
Parties Around the World
World Music, Customs & Vacation Spots
Being Healthy for the Summer with special guest Bradley
Special Guests Jaime Rickert & Andy Phillips
Summer Premiere Show
Great New Green Products
Ways to Help the Economy
Cinco de Mayo!!!
Happy Hour is Back!!!
Valentine's Day Special
Surviving the Economic Downturn
Travel Destinations
New Year, New You
Holiday Stress
How to Be a Pick-Up Artist
How Important Is Education?
Having Fun on a Budget
Good Girls and Bad Boys
Differences Between Men & Women
Friendships & Dating
Country Music Night
90s Night
Dating Your Co-Worker
Job Interviews
Happy Birthday Hour
80s Night
Earth Day
Reality TV
The Break Up Show
Dating Etiquette
Bar Topics
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