The Afternoon Program
Fridays @ 2:00PM

A Talk Show featuring Interesting Facts & Curiosities

Ivan Youngblood

Parks are Zoos for Trees

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impeachment & dogs [Podcast]
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one more time [Podcast]
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and we're back [Podcast]
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with hiatus message [Podcast]
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with Blair from Primal Needs Dog training part 1 [Podcast]
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with Blair from Primal Needs Dog training part 2 [Podcast]
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with . & [Podcast]
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with Debbie Lee of International Weight Pulling Assn. & for dogs [Podcast]
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with Cliff Weathers of River Keeper of the Hudson River, conservation & keeping it safe [Podcast]
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with Lisa Levinson; Sustainable Activism Campaign Director In Defense of Animals [Podcast]
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with Chris Holbine Public Policy Director of The Humane Society Farm Animal Protection [Podcast]
with Lon Blais of the one-man autobiographical stage documentary "The Boy on The Bureau"
The ShwizZ Interview - Quinn with Frankie Coda, Andy Boxer & Gianluca Trombetta discussing the new ShwizZ CD My Good Side / My Bad Side
with Jeff Spindel, Artist
Pet Whisperer Shira of Shira's Place
Carol McIlmurray, After First Court Appearance
Carol McIlmurray, Romp Update
Carol McIlmurray, The Romp Store Nyack Intro
Izzy James
Musician Pat Jones
Dr. Muriel Prince Warren, Warren Institute
Diana Wilkins & Joseph Coe, VCS Gay Pride Rockland
Jermaine Paul & the Mighty Paul Brothers Band
Daryl Brownlee, Poet
Paul Tappenden & Joanna Dickey, Artists
P. Smallwood, Artist
Ken Karlewicz 59 on 59 Project
Writer Michael Gray, Bob Dylan & the Poetry of the Blues
Jonathan Kruk, Master Storyteller
with Elliott Forrest, Co-Artistic Director of Riverspace
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Afternoon Program Debut
Modern Metro Studios
Modern Metro Studios OD's Cohen's Fashion Optical Iona College 1640 AM - Rockland County Emercengy, News & Info Easter Planning -Plan with Confidence Shirt Shack - screen printing & embroidery Indie Bands - Send Your Music