The Basics:

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You Need:

- Windows Media Player
Stay upgraded when you can, it helps:

- A good Internet connection
Broadband, not Dial-up, or it skips often

I can't connect. What's wrong?

There could be any kind of interruption between your computers and ours that's causing trouble. Please try several times before emailing us.
If it doesn't work after a day or two, reinstall Windows Media Player, close all browser windows, and try again. That fixes the vast majority of problems.

Also make sure to have the lastest internet browsers installed (Internet Explorer, Firefox). This can make life easier on you, not only on this site.

There are a lot of skips in the sound, and the player says "buffering."

Either you do not have a fast enough Internet connection to reliably listen to audio online, or there is network congestion going on. "Buffering" means that a few seconds are saved 'ahead' for you, so that tiny interruptions in service won't make you lose the sound, it gets taken out of that buffer instead. When that runs out, you hear skips. Try again when the network is less congested, or upgrade your Internet connection speed.